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Fish Or Cut Bait – Stuck On Financial Decisions

For some people, the biggest problem with their financial planning isn’t that they make the wrong decisions. It’s that they often fail to make decisions at all. But sometimes you just have to ...

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When Is It “Safe” For You To Retire?

We get a lot of questions from listeners wanting to know how they can determine when it will be “safe” for them to retire. Let’s look at some of the key factors that help a person define what ...

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Defining “Safe Money”

It seems that people have different definitions of “safe money” as it relates to their savings. Let’s discuss some of those varying explanations of the term and why it’s an important ...

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5 Most Common “Pain Points” In Your Financial Life

When it comes to financial planning, everybody has some kind of pain point. Those pain points are different for each person, but everyone has something that bothers them. Kyle tells us about some ...

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An Introduction To The “Financially Fit” Podcast

Financial and retirement planning guidance from Kyle Hammerschmidt of Mokan Financial in Overland Park, KS. We'll teach you how to properly plan for retirement and your financial future. The first ...

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